While popsicles are an awesome healthy snack, my kids are serious bedtime snackers.  We eat an early dinner in our house, everyone is starving by 4:30, so we eat.  It works for us, I can do the dishes and hang out a bit before the dreaded bedtime hour is upon us.  With an early dinner, the kids get a big snack before bedtime, also known as “a taste test.”  This is a plate of snacks to share (sharing works in mom’s favor here–kids shoving vegetables in their mouth for the main reason of out eating the sibling) with an assortment of whatever is in the fridge.  A Taste Test can make up for a picky dinner, and prepare for an overnight growth spurt.  The recipe below is just ideas, and the photos are a few of our most recent combinations.  My 5 year old is starting to dream up his own versions.



A Taste Test

Category: Kids!

Servings: 2

A Taste Test


  • fruit (berries, apples, bananas, oranges, grapes, anything they like)
  • veggies (carrots, cucumber, baby tomatoes, frozen peas- my kids eat these which is weird)
  • crackers or veggies with hummus
  • pretzels dipped in peanut butter
  • cheese curds or slices
  • beef sticks cut up
  • peach slices or strawberries dipped in yogurt (we like plain whole milk yogurt)
  • raisins or any dried fruit
  • nuts or granola
  • handful of cereal
  • popcorn (we have a cheap air popper--so easy!, and better for you than microwave)
  • banana dipped in sunflower seeds
  • leftover pasta (whenever I make a short pasta for dinner, i scoop out a little plain to keep as a snack for the next couple days)


  1. Put on a plate, and eat!


The Sungrown Kid Series Episode 7–The Taste Test
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