Anytime I pack the kids up for an outing, I bring plenty of snacks.  Trips to the park, the beach or the library can run into lunchtime so I pack snacks that can be lunch if necessary.  We call them snack packs, and in general they are just a mix of what’s in the fridge, but hearty enough to pass as a meal.  If we are going to be gone awhile on a hot day, I put it all in a little cooler, if not I just throw them in my bag, along with a few emergency granola bars and always a water bottle for everyone, including me (coffee too!).  Snack packs can replace most of the prepackaged processed food found in the snack aisle and are a far healthier option for active kids than packages of cheez its, goldfish, or fruit snacks.

  • Fruits and Veggies!!
  • Beef Sticks and Cheese curds or slices
  • Pasta – whenever I make pasta for dinner (a short pasta like penne, bowtie, rotini, etc.) I pull out a half cup or so before adding it to the sauce, and keep it in the fridge all week to add to a snack pack
  • Nuts, Seeds, Dried Fruit, Granola, Cheerios or Chex, Pretzels (I put these in a separate container)—kind of a quick trail mix!
  • Peanut Butter and Banana (or jelly) sandwich
  • Healthy cookies or Muffins or Protein Bites, I like to make batches of these, freeze and just pack them frozen, they thaw enough to eat.

  • ***Tips and Tricks–if you have little little kids, try buying “matchstick carrots” instead of the regular baby peeled carrots, much harder to choke on.
  • Don’t forget to pack enough for yourself!  I often do a banana or a couple little cutie oranges with a granola bar or trail mix for a quick snack.

The Sungrown Kid Series Episode 2–Snack Packs ToGo
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