October is starting to feel pretty cold and some nights in the 30’s have the garden coming to a close. I pulled all the peppers, some ripened to red and orange but many I picked green. I sliced a bag for the freezer and am eating them as we can. We still have enough kale outside to last until Christmas, the swiss chard seems to be handling the cold and there are a few pumpkins on the vine.

Some very rainy weather in September ended our tomato season, we got a ton of tomatoes but also had to throw many away that rotted instead of ripened. The cucumbers were also a big success and we made some refrigerator pickles and have just been eating through the rest. The green beans grew all summer until October, and the broccoli is slowing down but still alive and sending out a few florets. We are pulling a carrot out of the ground here and there but next year I’ll plant more. Overall, it was a successful first year, we absolutely loved it. A few lessons and plans for next year:

  • less kale, less green beans
  • give the tomatoes more room, 6 plants to a bed instead of 8
  • more carrots
  • try asparagus, onions, brussel sprouts
  • when cauliflower looks ready, cut it, it goes bad fast
A rare garden visitor!
Steak salad with lettuce, peppers, tomatoes, green beans, and cucumbers from the garden
Early October, picking before the cold weekend
In the Garden Year 1 – September and October
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