June 19, 2019

A few notes:

  • The tomatoes started from seed looked terrible after transplanting but hung on and are now fine, just smaller than the couple I bought, which is good to space out the harvest.
  • Peppers started from seed did not make it, bought a couple expensive ($4-5each) plants in early June and then bought 4 more big plants at the 1st farmers market very cheap ($2 each), next year just wait and buy them all there!
  • My husband built the hinged cucumber trellis from scrape wood in our garage, plan is to have the cucumbers cover the trellis to be a kid tunnel.
  • Carrots started in April did not seem to come up so we planted more in early June. Added some other new stuff in empty spots, more lettuce, more green beans, more kale.
  • Peas from April, half grew well, other half didn’t come up so we replanted, now they are of staggering heights.
  • Most everything looks like its growing strong, but we’ll see what veggies we actually produce. Having a wonderful time with the process!

In the Garden Year 1-June
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