A quick garden update because we have visitors!! While watering the strawberry bed, out hopped 3 baby bunnies from their den right in the bed! They hid under the leaves of the strawberries for a few days and now haven’t been seen. So far this hasn’t been a problem, they haven’t been eating any of my veggies, but we’ll see if they wander back to where they came from for a meal. If so we may need a fence, but for now they’ve been quite the entertainment for a couple little kids. We named them of course, Rosie, Stripes, and Peter Rabbit, but I had to say “no” to keeping one as a pet, to the disappointment of a certain 4 year old.

The rest of the garden is growing slow and steady. We’ve eaten our first batch of radishes, a few scallions and chives. The potatoes have sprouted from their burlap bags, the peas are climbing and the zucchini plants get bigger every day. We’ll be able to start clipping lettuce soon but are looking forward to the big summer harvests in the coming months.

In the Garden Year 2 – Early June
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