I’m undertaking a new gardening project.  Our backyard garden is underway with tomatoes, squash, a couple experimental corn stalks, some peas and transplanted strawberries, a few pots of herbs, and a little bed of lettuce….I thought I was done.

The past few years we’ve been debating our boulevard, it is not a thing of beauty.  We have some 4 ft stalky grass species that highly resemble weeds that every year we talk about digging out. But I hardly want to go through the effort just to jam in a few useless hostas.  It seems like such wasted space, so I’m planting the tomato starters that didn’t fit in the backyard.  We can’t you do veggies on the boulevard?  I figure you can never have too many tomatoes in a summer.

Here’s the before shot, they get much taller and uglier!


Everybody says, “but won’t people steal them?”  Yeah, that’s the idea–take em, maybe leave me a few carrots from your own garden on the door step.  It seems like everyone in our neighborhood is jumping on the “Little Free Library” bandwagon, well this is a “Little Free Garden.”  I planted around 12 of my extra tomato starters and surrounded them with a few packs of basil seeds.  My husband transplanted a few non-veggie plants around the entryway to dress it up a little.  Nothing too fancy, we’ll see how it turns out.  I’m a little worried my boulevard’s current inhabitant’s roots run deep and the soil is probably terrible.  But, if I don’t turn out a single tomato, it can’t look much worse than it does:)


Little Free Garden
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