This is a cooking blog, not a home renovation blog, but it is easy to love cooking when you love your kitchen and ours was in desperate need of an upgrade.  The renovation that started out as “lets just paint the cabinets,” is finally complete.  We did a little more than that… we did paint the existing cabinets and replaced the hardware, new counter tops, new tile back splash, and a new sink and faucet.  We couldn’t be happier with how a little upgrade and a lot of hard work turned out.

KitchenRemodel (4) KitchenRemodel

Here’s a before and after…
KitchenRemodel (13)KitchenRemodel (2)

The handy work was mostly done by my husband who is far more talented than I knew and kept the mini renovation pretty budget friendly.  I did paint cabinets through a lot of afternoon toddler naps, but he did all of the heavy lifting.

The before and after says it all, I don’t miss the green counter or the floor to ceiling oak.  I am loving cooking in my new kitchen, I don’t have to be so careful to crop out the background in my food photos!  Its light, its bright, its still tiny, but I love how it turned out.

Another before and after of the sink area…

KitchenRemodel (10) KitchenRemodel (3)










And a lovely shot of “during”
KitchenRemodel (7)

KitchenRemodel (9)KitchenRemodel (6) KitchenRemodel (5)


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