Last summer, we built our garden, and yes it took the whole summer. Now that we have a bigger yard, I want to grow more food. We took down an old willow tree that was storm damaged and were left with a sunny spot where we built 8 raised garden beds, lined by a row of blue juniper trees for a barrier from the street. We planted two apple trees, a plum tree, and a juneberry (service berry). When we moved, our new yard already had 2 full sized mulberry trees and a large raspberry patch. This summer, 2019, we are ready to start planting, but here is the transformation from last summer:

Before: the old willow tree

first attempt at mulberry jam
spinach from our window box
basil and green beans from our window boxes
raspberries and mulberries from our yard, strawberries from a local pick farm
Apple trees going in

After: ready for planting summer 2019!

The Sungrown GARDEN
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