Things are going well in the backyard…and on the boulevard.  We’ve been eating a little but the best is yet to come, mainly tomatoes and zucchini on their way.  I took these photos a week or so ago and already it seems like they are a ton bigger (sounds like I’m describing my baby boy…a week makes a big difference!).

July Backyard

July Boulevard

The tomato plants are looking really healthy, but no tomatoes yet, flowers are starting so it should be soon.  The boulevard tomatoes are looking good too, smaller than the raised beds but I think the soil is just not as good.  The zucchini are starting to grow but aren’t really to picking size yet.

July Raised BedsJuly zucchini

July Strawberry

We’ve actually gotten a few strawberries, very few, only one ripens at a time.  I let my son have these.  He is 10 months old, never too early for a “where does my food come from?” lesson.  We pick it, wash it, and eat it together.  They are so delicious, juice literally dripping down your chin delicious.

July Peas                                                                     Our pea plants are doing great, the only problem is that I made their trellis too small, they have outgrown it and are drooping over.  Oh well, still producing peas.  We made a very easy pasta recipe with them ~ Just cooked the pasta and when it is about 3 minutes away from being done, add the peas to the boiling water.  Then drain and toss it all with your favorite pesto and top with shaved Parmesan.Peas in Bowl

Pretty successful summer so far…hopefully our boulevard can catch up and the “Little Free Garden” can open for business!Pea Pesto Pasta

July Garden Update
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