1. Don’t use Produce Bags at the Grocery Store — You can buy reusable produce bags but with a lot of produce, you really don’t need them at all.  If you are going to peel or wash your produce before you eat it anyway, just put it right in your cart.           
  2. Store Your Reusable Bags in your Car — If you store them in your car, not in a closet, you will have them when you need them.  Use them at the grocery store AND any store, target, hardware store, etc. 
  3. Always Bring a Water Bottle or Coffee Mug to go — If you get in the habit of packing it with you, you won’t need to buy a plastic bottle or throw away cup when you are out. 
  4. Use cloth rags and cloth napkins instead of paper towel and paper napkins — I keep a basket of rags handy above my stove, they are actually old baby wash clothes but any rags will do.  I use them any time I need a paper towel and then just throw them in the wash.  We keep a basket of cloth napkins by the dining room table and wash them over and over.   
  5. Kids stuff and clothing–buy used, or share and trade — My friends and I do this all the time.  Someone gives it to you, you pass it on to someone else.  Check out garage sales, library book sales, save special things you find to use as Christmas or birthday gifts.  I have very rarely bought my children a brand new clothing item.   
  6. Don’t take the trash out on trash day — Take it out when it’s full!  If you take your trash out once a week on garbage day you will use 52 plastic trash bags per year.  Maybe you could go 10 days or more to fill it up, that’s only 36 bags per year.  That is saving 16 trash bags per yer, and if every family in the country or across the world did this — that is a lot less plastic!  
  7. Junk Mail-call and get removed from the list — It feels like we get so much junk mail from the same few companies!  Every piece of junk mail has a phone number on it, call them and say “can you please remove me from your mailing list.”  This will take a little time, but eventually you will waste a lot less time (and paper), sorting through junk mail.
  8. Get outside!  plant a garden, compost, walk or bike instead of drive, hang a bird feeder, hang clothes on the line, etc. — Have fun doing the little things in your yard or in your community to make the world a better place. 
  9. Pass it on, teach your kids about being earth friendly, tell friends what you do, share it!
9 Ways to make EARTH DAY Everyday
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