Our backyard garden is finally planted and starting to grow.  This year we’ve stuck mostly to tomatoes (a few different kinds) and squash (zucchini and patty pan squash) because I know they are easy ones to grow and good ones to eat.  My husband built 2 beautiful cedar raised beds, about 3ft by 9ft.  We have about 7 tomato plants in one, along with one lonely bell pepper plant that I didn’t want to take up too much space since I have never had luck with them.  The other is a variety of squash and 3 experimental corn stalks–knee high by the 4th of July?–they may make it, they are about 6 inches tall now (end of May).


All of them I started from seed probably a month ago in some little starter cups that soak up water from the bottom from a pan they sit in, left in the sun on our porch.  Worked out pretty nicely, you don’t have to worry about watering them, just make sure the pan underneath is never totally dry.

SeedStarts 2014-04-20 01.08.20

On the side of our house we’ve squeezed in a few more things, some peas that I planted directly outside, which I rigged up a little trellis from some scrap wood and string.  They are looking really good!  Next to that we have a few strawberry plants that a friend of mine gave me from her garden, which look like they are doing fine but I’m not sure if they will give me any berries this year or not, hope so.

2014-05-28 03.21.09

We have a small raised bed of mixed lettuce that we built last summer and have up on cinder blocks to keep the rabbits out, but I think a squirrel was digging in the corner of it.  The lettuce is starting to come up and is looking good.  It is a “cut and come back” type but I might plant some more seeds in there for later in the summer.

2014-05-28 03.20.51

Finally we have a couple pots of herbs, basil and rosemary, although I think a squirrel (probably the same one!) got into the rosemary before it even got started so I may throw a few extra seeds in.  The chives I planted a few years ago are coming in stronger than ever.

Here are a few closer shots of the raised beds.  We filled them with about an equal mixture of compost, vermiculite and peat moss, tossed together on a large tarp.

(Tomato left, Squash right)

2014-05-28 03.20.17 2014-05-28 03.20.42

Tomatoes….2014-05-28 03.20.29

Now we need some sunny days and some rainy days, some weeding and some patience…

Backyard Garden
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