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Fruit Plate

How to Make a Fruit Plate

Meryl Downing
A Fruit Plate is the perfect addition to any brunch menu, or special occasion.  Learn to make them beautiful with these simple to follow, step by step instructions!  Colorful, healthy and too pretty to eat!
Course Breakfast, Sides
Cuisine American
Servings 6


  • melon or pineapple optional
  • orange or kiwi slices optional
  • grapes or cherries optional
  • berries or pomegranate seeds optional


  • Start with a "filler fruit"  In the photo above it's the pineapple.  Any cut up melon is also a good option, it gives you a base to add to.
  • Make something curve  Here it's the sliced oranges.  Sliced kiwi also works.
  • Something for height  I used the top of a pineapple sliced in half.  Bunches of grapes are great.
  • Finish with berries  Make piles of berries here and there, the more colorful the better.
  • Garnish Not really necessary but kinda fun.  I used mint leaves and flowers (I'll admit I stole these from work)...but a kiwi cut around in a zig zag and pulled apart also looks nice.  Sometimes I add bowls of yogurt and granola to the plate.
  • Avoid bananas, apples and pears as they brown quickly, unless you want to add them just before serving.
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